The Harvest Festival

Parents/carers are welcome to attend if their son/daughter/ward are in the following classes. key stage one and key stage two students have paired up to perform either a song, poem or dance.

Ireland Sweden Spain
Italy France Panama
Trinidad Dominican Republic Jamaica
Bermuda Bahamas Barbados


If you wish to make a donation, please select items from the list below as requested by The Rainbow Centre.


Savoury Items

Tinned Tuna Tinned Salmon Baked Beans
Tinned Corned Beef Tinned Spam Tinned Ham
Tinned Minced Beef Tinned Meatballs Tinned Meals
Tinned Vegetarian Meals Tinned Potatoes Tinned Spaghetti
Tinned Tomatoes Ketchup Jars of Curry Sauce
Jars of Meat & Fish Paste Rice (Family Bags) Rice (Individuals Boil in Bags)
Nuts (peanut/cashew/walnut) Multipacks of Crisp


UHT Long life Milk Cartons Coffee (small jars for individual) Coffee (Large jars for families)
Long Life Juice (Small Cartons) Long Life Juice (Family Sized) Hot Chocolate
Squash (No Added Sugar)

Sweet Items

Tinned Fruit Tinned Puddings Long Life Steamed Pudding
Tinned Custard Tinned Rice Pudding Biscuits
Chocolate Bars Cereal Bars Jam / Spreads
Peanut Butter