School Timetable

The timetable will consist of six lessons per day, personalised as necessary, and will cover the National Curriculum at an appropriate level. The lesson structure will clearly be applied more flexibly within our Early Years and Post 16 provisions and we will adapt session lengths, etc, to meet the needs of our PMLD learners. However every great school has a clear timetable framework that allows maximum use of specialist facilities, staff and opportunities for all learners.

The Beacon Folkestone will be offering a Needs Led Provision alongside Specialist Subject teaching, children and young people will have the opportunity to engage with whichever curriculum meets their needs. Irene White has been leading the curriculum initiative and ensuring the continuity of the high standards of provision.

Exciting developments are being considered in terms of Sensory Integration, Forest Schools, Sensory Garden and extending our Sixth Form provision. The new Leaders of Learning are looking forward to leading teams to achieve the highest possible standards for our children and young people; to facilitate and drive forward improvement in teaching and learning.