School Meals

Our belief is that a healthy nutritious diet is important for the development of a child’s physical state, as well as for their intellectual abilities. Feeding the body with the proper nutrients helps fuel the mind to be more receptive to learning new skills, hence ‘feed the body, feed the mind‘.

Our aim is to ensure that all aspects of food and drink in school promotes the health and well-being of pupils, staff and visitors.

The Beacon is wholeheartedly committed to the Government’s Nutrition Strategy for School Meals and abides by the recommendation of the School Food Plan 2013. Our goal is to help pupils of all ages enjoy balanced meals, containing good sources of protein and starch accompanied by vegetable, salad and fruit, whilst ensuring those pupils with developmental learning, sensory, behavioural, medical and physical needs are properly catered for.

For information on how to pay for school meals, please go to the payments page.

Free School Meals and Holiday Activities and Food Programme Kent vouchers for the school holidays

**Holiday Activities and Food Programme Kent**
Families of children aged 4 to 16 years, who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals, can access these opportunities in the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays for free.
If you think you are eligible and require more information, please contact the school on 01303 847555.