Our Students

The school provides a personalised ‘3 tier’ curriculum with students accessing learning at the appropriate level within 3 distinct ‘zones’. Each zone (EYFS&KS1, KS2&3, 14-19) has a unique ‘look’ and ‘feel’ to ensure that students feel safe and secure in their learning whilst ensuring appropriate challenge to achieve outstanding progress in all respects.

Students have the opportunity to study for a wide range of accredited outcomes both at KS4 and post 16 and we work with a range of partners to offer accredited vocational outcomes to support students into College and the world of work as appropriate.


The range of opportunities for our young people at the end of Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5 is beginning to increase and opportunities range from day-to-day provisions run by organisations and charities including; mini enterprise and community projects, through to supported learning courses at a college. These can include Entry Level and Level 1 qualifications. There are also many opportunities for work experience placements in a variety of sectors.

Learning in Zone 3

This takes a more mature approach to students selecting options linked to their strengths and possible career pathways. Students study a range of academic and vocational subjects both on the school site and with external providers. By the time the students leave the Beacon, they may have a range of qualifications and experiences in specific work placements linked to their chosen career pathway.