Year 11 Tanzania are working hard towards achieving their best results in 2017

This is the final year for Tanzania pupils to bring together all their skills and knowledge for the GCSE exams. They are working hard in Science taking mock examinations with some pleasing results.

Pupils taking Art as a GCSE have chosen the exam question and have been given 12 weeks to take home a sketchbook and work on exam preparation which contributes toward the final grade. After completing the preparation, they will take the final exam at the end of April which will consist of two days in the Art room, five hours each day.

All pupils are taking Food Technology at GCSE and have completed their 2nd practical assessment: they chose to cook a selection of recipes including, Italian, Chinese and Indian dishes. The practical went well for all pupils with great results. They are currently studying from the final written exam in June.

One pupil from the class is taking GCSE Maths and has been attending the Academy since Year 9. He has taken a series of mock exams in preparation for the final exam in June.