What’s been going on in Cuba Class?


Two of our class went to a Boccia tournament at St Anselm’s to represent the school.

Performing Arts

Three of the boys in Cuba have been identified as being gifted and talented in performing arts. They have spent 2 terms working with a professional actress on a Wednesday morning to develop their skills. They have had a great time.

Anti-Bulling Ambassadors

Two boys from the Cuba class represented the Beacon at the Academy to learn how to help people who feel they might be being bullied, and support them in getting help.

Football tournament.

6 pupils from Cuba represented the school playing football at the three hills.


2 Cuba pupils in the school choir, represented The Beacon at the Head teachers conference.

Forest School

On Fridays one of our pupils disappears into Beacon wood to do Forest school. He returns muddy, smelling of fire, tired and very happy.