Trinidad: Summer Update

Banging the drums and making a splash- the children in Trinidad class have had a fantastic two terms, learning lots of new techniques in swimming. Drumming workshops have supported our topic about Africa.

During terms 5 and 6 the children have been finding out about the continent of Africa. We have looked at maps and the different geographical features.

Found out about some of the different countries and looked in more detail at the country of Kenya. We read stories and tasted the fruits that we read about in Handa’s Surprise.

We learned about the different animals that live on the African Savannah. To complement our topic we have been really lucky to have a drumming workshop every week. We are getting really good at playing the tom-tom drums!

We were lucky to have a science trip to Wildwood, where we were able to find out about the animals that live in our woodland habitat.

We have continued to swim every week and are getting very good at swimming across the pool with the use of floats.

Finally we made model volcanoes and were able to erupt them. It was great fun!

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