Tanzania: Term 6

Tanzania enjoy a few well deserved educational outings after their exams.

The last few weeks in year 11 have been very busy for the pupils in Tanzania. After completing their G.C.S.E Food Technology exams they celebrated with a Chinese meal at Kalala in Folkestone. The pupils enjoyed helping themselves from the buffet then finishing with an ice cream.

A Science field investigation to the Warren coastal path and beach was organised by Mr Woods. The pupils were asked to look for fossils, iron and other minerals in the rocks, using small geology hammers to brake them apart. They also reported finding evidence of WWII remains, such as ammunition shells.

To raise money for the Year 11 and 6th Form Prom this year; Tanzania together with Kenya organised a Car Wash. This was gratefully supported by many members of staff. The pupils were very enthusiastic, some admitting that they had never washed a car before! Total funds raised was over £60. Tanzania also took part in the charity event ‘Race for Life’