Tanzania: Newsletter

A great start to their final year in Key Stage 4; the year 11’s in Tanzania are on the home stretch to completing coursework and final assessments.

English is in front as the clear favourite, all the pupils are enjoying learning Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Firstly, reading the play and then acting using props and costumes in character for filming, which contributes to achieving their Entry level qualification. Coursework for other subjects is well on the way to being completed in Maths, Science and Food Technology.

The class have signed up for a variety of clubs such as, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, where they develop a skill, a physical activity and volunteering during an afterschool club throughout the year and three camping expedition weekends. Some pupils have taken on responsibilities including; being part of the school leadership team, anti-bullying ambassador, social committee and school councillors.

They continue to develop independence, leadership and team building skills by organising and running their own class assemblies which take place twice a term. This term they have presented an assembly entitled ‘Our World’.

In preparation for the school council elections, a ‘Question Time’ style assembly was run where the prospective candidates promoted themselves to the other pupils for election. Blayne Kamron-Newton hosted the assembly and posed some tricky questions to them all; in response the candidates gave a good account of their skills and why they should be elected, they also had the opportunity to challenge each other.

The final ballot took place on Friday 8th December, when Owen was elected with Jamie re-elected for a second year.