Spring in Spain

Last term Spain class were finding out about the changing seasons.

We made a beautiful display in our classroom of the bluebell woods in Spring. We went for a long walk through the woods and were amazed by how much the trees had changed. Everyone had fun using the binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore and investigate our surroundings. Back at school we have been busy learning about Spring and growing things. We all planted a bean seed and recorded its growth in our Bean Diaries. The outdoor area was turned into The Beacon Garden Centre. The manager at Dobbies in Ashford very kindly donated a lot of ‘props’ to make our role play area look like the real thing. Lots of fun was had pretending to be the ‘ Garden Centre Manager’. We have welcomed two new pupils to our class and Spain class pupils need to be congratulated for getting their names on the ‘Kindness Tree’ in our heart space for all the kind acts towards each other.

This term we are learning about ‘Under the Deep Blue Sea’. We have been enjoying songs and stories and finding out about the variety of creatures that live in the oceans.