Shane Record visits The Beacon!

On Tuesday 16th January, Shane Record come to visit The Beacon as part of our Art Enrichment Day. Shane Record is a self-taught artist and has run his gallery in Folkestone since 2005. Over the course of the day Shane had worked on his painting in front of multiple classes. The end product was AMAZING.

Many enthusiastic students had the opportunity to meet the artist and ask him many questions about his paintings and the techniques he uses. Shane was more than happy to answer all the questions he was asked. All the students were extremely interested in his work.

The day started with a blank canvas and by the end of the day it was a true masterpiece, what an experience it was to see the painting develop from the start to finish. Many students enjoyed watching Shane work on his painting, what a great day it was for everyone.

Please take a look at the painting below!

I had the most fantastic day at The Beacon School and was so glad to be part of the Art Enrichment Day. The children were fully engaged in what I was doing and were so positive and supportive of my efforts! Thank you to all the staff for looking after me so well and to the children for making the day so much fun!

Shane Record, Professional Artist.

If you’re interested in Shane’s work, please view his website

And follow his Instagram account  @ shanerecordpaintings