Seychelles/Nicaragua: Summer Update

A whole year in our new school!

What an amazing first year we have had at The Beacon, we have worked very hard on our communication and interaction skills, building positive relationships, promoting sharing and cooperation, and imbedding fun and enjoyment within the intensive 1:1 teaching and learning that we do.

We have enjoyed taking part in the subject enrichment days, and particularly liked making a ‘run the gauntlet’ game in the corridor outside our classrooms for the World War Two day; other classes were invited to go through our corridor, but had to beware of the soldiers hiding ready to bombard them with (soft foam ball) missiles!

We enjoyed a music specialist visit and teach us all about Soundabout; a music based intensive interaction that pupils lead and adults copy, we all had great fun with the very engaging teacher and are continuing sessions in class.

We have utilised our outside space for learning, especially during the heat we have experienced this Term, we had interactive and sensory literacy, numeracy art and science lessons outside, using and practicing all of the skills we learn in discrete trial teaching into other environments.

Fun 1
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Playing 1
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Outdoor 2
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Soundabout 1
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