KS4 Sports Coaches Lead Kin-Ball Festival

A Kin-ball event was held at the Sports Trust’s Three Hills site on Tuesday 18th October 2022 in conjunction with the Kent School Games, Folkestone School Games, and The Beacon School. 

Our Key Stage 4 sports coaches facilitated the event as part of their studies. 

Ben Walker – PE Coordinator at The Beacon Folkestone said:

“Our Key Stage 4 sports coaches did a superb job of introducing the sport of Kin-Ball to year 6s and 7s from local Folkestone schools. 

“Huge thanks to The Sports Trust and Active Kent and Medway for working in partnership with us to provide meaningful and fulfilling experiences for our young sports coaches.”  

What is Kin-Ball?

Everyone can play Kin-Ball, which is an inclusive sport. It is only through teamwork that success can be achieved. People with disabilities and able-bodied people can play together.

Did you know – the ball used in Kin-Ball is 1.2m in diameter?! 

The game is played with three opposing teams, each with four players, on the playing area. The aim of the game is to score more points than the other two teams and win the game. Teamwork is vital. 

In Kin-Ball, scoring is pretty straightforward. When a team faults, by being unable to catch and control the Kin-Ball before it hits the ground, a point is awarded to the two other teams.


Photographs courtesy of Active Kent and Medway.

KS4 sports coaches with a bright pink Kin-Ball
The Kin-Ball is 1.2m in diameter
KS4 sports coaches at the Kin-Ball festival
Having fun!
KS4 sports coaches explaining the game to pupils from local schools
Our sports coaches instructing the younger pupils at the event
Learning how to play Kin-Ball
Learning the sport of Kin-Ball at Three Hills Sports Park