Haiti: Summer Update

Well it’s that time of year again when after the fast approaching summer holidays the Haiti students enter into Year 9 in September. How fast has that time gone?

It’s gone so fast because we have all been busy bees. 

For example in Maths our key topics have been learning all about 2D & 3D shapes, symmetry and measuring.  All the students have embraced these topics and had great fun especially when measuring out the water!  In English we have been reading a book titled ‘The boy who went into the girls bathroom!’  An amusing read that explores typical teenage issues which the class have drawn from in respect of role play, group discussion and writing character diaries. The students are thoroughly enjoying the book and we have seen some budding actors and actresses along the way!

Art has been a very exciting time for our students in Haiti as they have created their own personal robots ranging from Dancing Jemma to Dull Dave.  Building them from scratch using old boxes and bottles of varying shapes and sizes for arms, legs etc.  Bottle tops and cut out egg boxes for buttons and switches.  Methods employed have been the eventful use of the glue gun, paper mache and painting.  There has been a lot of fun and some terrific robots made as a result.

In Humanities we have learnt all about the Water Cycle, which some might say is a rather boring topic however not with Mr Manhire as your teacher!  Oh no! He taught the workings of The Water Cycle via music so the students were able to recall how evaporation, condensation and precipitation happens to the beat of music.  It totally worked and James McGirr’s rendition of The Water Cycle to the beat of Up Town Funk will be unforgettable as it was truly brilliant.

We are now all looking forward to the wonderful performance of Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat on 13th July.  The students have been hard at work practicing their roles and the costumes made by Mrs Fuller (TA) are truly amazing.  I am sure it will be a fantastic performance and well worth a visit so book your seat early!!

Haiti would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday!