Egypt: Newsletter

Egypt class has worked exceptionally well over the last term. We have been learning about using money in shops, as well as planning and designing bird boxes as part of our DT project. The boxes all looked very good and pupils were very proud of their efforts.

In citizenship we have been learning about the Royal family. We wrote letters to the Queen to ask her some questions. Pupils wanted to know a range of information, including:

How many dogs she has?

How heavy her crown is?

How many rooms there are in Buckingham Palace? 

Pupils researched how to write letters, especially as writing to the Queen could be very tricky if we got it wrong!!  We are glad to say that we had a lovely reply from the Queen with lots of information to help answer our questions.

The letter from the queen has pride of place in our classroom.

The class also made Queens Heads out of clay and pained them. They all did very well.