Down on the Farm

Mrs Calladine’s farming group are being kept busy, now that spring is just around the corner.

In the cow shed, students are learning how to care for larger animals. This includes monitoring weight increased of the three calves, Ruby, Buzz and Ryder. The weekly weights are taken and then compared over a period of time. In addition a check must be kept on the progress of the sheep and making sure their feed is kept topped up.

In the small mammal enclosure, health checks and grooming must be continued and eggs are regularly collected from the four hen houses.

The course also covers care and maintenance of reptiles. Everyone’s favourite is ‘Millwood’ a very tame and friendly Corn Snake, he has required extra care recently as he has been feeling a little under the weather.

Another firm favourite is ‘Fab’ a Leopard Gecko, he loves human attention and has a beautiful coloration.

Please see the gallery below!