Cuba class head towards Year 10

Cuba class are working hard in Term 6.

Cuba have been studying a huge range of exciting topics in lessons. These include Warhorse, maps and landmarks around the world, forces, pop art and ceramics, refugee day, and preparing for the summer fair.

They have also been working hard to build a good team before their move to year 10 to get the most out of the Zone 2 credit system before they move on.

As a class they are working on respect and achievement to gain point towards vouchers at the end of term.  Many members of the class have taken part in a large range of sporting activities.

In the last few weeks of term we have been working towards the end of year performance. Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat. Many of the class have speaking, singing and dancing parts and have been practicing really hard.

Team Cuba have also been enjoying themselves in their music lessons to get the most out of the time they spend together. They are performing on the last day of term in Beacons’ got talent. They are in a band together and all have a really important role. All of the class are very excited about this and can’t wait for the talent show to begin. 

Cuba class are really looking forward to moving to year 10 and enjoying all the new opportunities in zone 3.