Botswana News: Term 6

It has been a great term for everyone in Botswana. With many different subjects to cover, our pupils have been kept very busy.


Some members of Botswana had the opportunity to attend Forest School, during this time we had where great fun taking part in various different activities. These were:

  • Making bows and arrows
  • Climbing trees
  • Tying hammocks to trees to lay in
  • Making dens using branches of trees
  • Trying to catch a frog

We all enjoyed toasting things on an open fire. Some of us have chosen the challenge of learning to light a fire using flint and steel.

Sports Leaders have been practicing Rugby, Tennis, Cricket skills. We have also been developing our leadership skills to adapt our games for our lessons.

In DT we have successfully made items using perspex; we have also produced tea pot stands and are currently finishing off wooden boot jacks.

In Cooking we have been learning about healthy diets and preparing and choosing healthy ingredients to create healthy dishes.  We also had a Bake Off, where we all baked a cake which were judged on appearance and taste. We were surprised at how different all the cakes were, considering we used the same recipe!

In Art we have been designing and creating 3D buildings using cardboard boxes.

We enjoyed working as a team to raise money for the school at the Summer Fair, everyone enjoyed being part of our Nerf Shooting Range.

We have had a great ending to the whole year. Bring on year 11!