Bahamas meets Hans Christian Andersen

We have been studying books written by Hans Christian Andersen this term as part of our topic on Scandinavia. In Bahamas we have been learning about the features of a river and we have made 3D rivers. We took part in the PSHE enrichment day learning about refugees.

Bahamas have had a busy term, we have studied books written by Hans Christian Andersen, in particular, The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid. We had fun acting out the stories and many children perfected their waddle. As part of our Topic on Scandinavia we have looked at the human and physical features of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We are looking forward to our Scandinavian food tasting day. We have made Lego statues as Lego originated in Denmark and we have sung ABBA songs in recognition of Sweden’s greatest export. During Art lessons we have designed and painted Scandinavian tiles which are proudly displayed in the classroom. We have also been learning about the features of a river and had fun making 3D rivers and filling them with water. Most of the river banks were sturdy enough to hold the water, there were only a few puddles on the floor! We enjoyed our whole school PSHE enrichment day. The children were able to watch performances and talk to refugees to gain an understanding of what their life was like. Bahamas class made a collage of Syria before and after the bombing and we are looking for a space big enough to display it. We also had a ‘boat ride’ in the high tech sensory room, where children were able to gain an understanding of the type of journey undertaken by refugees.

Bahamas wishes you all a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.