An eruption in Panama

In Panama class we have been learning about volcanoes in our geography topic and we made model volcanoes and tested the best way to make them erupt.

At the beginning of our topic about volcanoes we looked at where volcanoes can be found in the world today, like Mount Vesuvius in Italy and Mount St Helens in America. We learned about the features of volcanoes, for example, the magma chamber, the crater, the lava and ash cloud.

We also learnt that volcanoes erupt because pressure pushes on weak spots in the earth’s surface, or crust, causing magma to exit the volcano. Smaller eruptions cause lava, or magma to flow out of the volcano, while larger eruptions can cause violent explosions that send rocks, ash, and gas into the air.

Finally, we made our own volcanoes out of paper maché using a yoghurt pot as the magma chamber. We tried two different ways to make our volcanoes erupt. First we used coloured paint mixed with bicarbonate soda and vinegar. This produced a slow “lava” flow. Next we tried coke with Mentos mints. This made a big eruption of “lava” and Mrs Stoker nearly got covered in coke. It was a really fun way to finish our learning about volcanoes.

The staff and children in Panama are really looking forward to the Summer holidays and would like to wish you all a happy, sunny Summer.