Learning and the curriculum

We will continue to offer a wide range of educational learning experiences promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, emotional and physical development within a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum, which is personalised to meet individual needs of the pupil.

This will build on the outstanding work of the two schools currently without losing our key focus on academic success and the development of the highest possible standards of attainment.

The Beacon will be founded on our core values and we will continue to place personalised student needs at the heart of all we do. The new school will allow us to use a wider range of facilities such as the Hydro pool, bespoke sensory rooms and sports hall. It will also enable us to deliver a wider range of programmes such as apprenticeships in the café and independence in the life skills house.

The new school will encourage the growth of self-respect personal autonomy, a sense of responsibility and the ability to make informed choices and decisions, in order that we encourage all students to lead the most independent lifestyle they can.