School Improvement Plan

Hello and welcome to our School Improvement Page, here you will find details of the plan in place to carry on improving our outstanding school.

Headlines 2017 – 2018



To play a leading role in the development and delivery of enhanced provision for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities to ensure they engage in broad and balanced experience.

1.      Embed collaborative learning opportunities that engage our pupils and ignite a curiosity to learn.

Examples: Creative problem solving. Reading throughout the curriculum and beyond.

2.      Inside/Outside A fluid approach to teaching spaces that enhance the learning through the enjoyment of play, exploration, creativity and achievement.





To ensure the continuous development of self-reflection, self-learning and research as embedded within our culture of excellence. Never ending spiral of excellence

1.      To embed ourselves within the external community to enhance pupil engagement, communication, integration, community cohesion, and to celebrate the positive role our pupils have to play.


2.      Using research and development as a vehicle to springboard our best practise and enable our “experts” to embed the best elements into common practise.





To ensure all our young people have the best possible chance of securing their preferred future.

1.       Progress and Achievement: to establish an engagement baseline (tracking) that informs personalised learning opportunities (resilience, motivation, independence and aspirations). Reviewing and refining our accreditation offer to ensure we accredit the great progress our pupils make.
2.      To enhance the role and influence of pupils to steer the School.

This will include: Pupil based school leadership team (including pupil. Pupil lead learning to “hear pupil voice”.




To be a world class centre for learning, support and development in the field of special educational needs and disabilities.



1.      To develop our position as a Learning hub on a Countywide, National and International basis. Fostering networks to celebrate, communicate and learn from the broadest range of global partners


2.     Enhancing Leadership throughout the school