Our staff

Our dedicated staff are led by the Beacon leadership team.

Leadership team

Neil Birch

Mr Neil Birch Executive Head Teacher

Leads on all aspects of strategic leadership, the CLASS Teaching School Alliance, Kent Association of Special Schools (KASS), Co-operative Schools Network.

Tanya Lees

Tanya Lees Head of School

Leads on day to day running of the school, provision, standards, progress, achievement, behaviour.

Mr Ady Young Head of Support and Development

Leads on training, coaching, research, EHCPs, safeguarding, children in care, support for schools, partnerships.

Lynda Evans

Lynda Evans Assistant Head

Leads the Specialist Teaching team, district support for mainstream schools, outreach.

Irene White

Irene White Assistant Head

Leads on all aspects of provision, standards, progress, achievement, behaviour within key stages EY-3.

Mel Winter

Mel Winter Assistant Head

Leads on all aspects of provision, standards, progress, achievement, behaviour within key stages 4-6.

Jimmy Peters

Mr Jimmy Peters Multi Agency Leader

Leads on all aspects of multi agency support including healthcare, PEPs and parental liaison.

Leaders of learning

In addition, we haveĀ 9 ‘Leaders of Learning’ who focus on improving learning within their specific area of specialism.

Jackie McFarnell

Jackie McFarnell Behaviour and Learning Leader

Lisa Clutterbuck

Lisa Clutterbuck Leader of Learning

Casey Fletcher

Casey Fletcher Leader of Learning

Keely Waight

Keely Waight Leader of Learning

Karen Hacker

Karen Hacker Leader of Learning

Shane Donovan

Mr Shane Donovan Leader of Learning

Russell Ames

Mr Russell Ames Leader of Learning and Improving Learning

Ben Walker

Mr Ben Walker Leader of Learning

Craig Rankin Leader of Learning


Claire Smith Cuba Class Teacher

Allen Ince Morroco Class Teacher

Vicky Ferguson Dominican Republic Class Teacher

Kath Hart Trinidad Class Teacher

Rebecca Stoker Panama Class Teacher

Jeanne Lombart Jamaica Class Teacher

Bev Edwards Bahamas Class Teacher

Jackie McFarnell Barbados Class Teacher

Ben Walker Haiti Class Teacher

Richard Fairhall United States Class Teacher

Caroline Pratt Granada Class Teacher

Keely Waight Mexico Class Teacher

Lloyd Taylor Costa Rica Class Teacher

Robert Manhire Zimbabwe Class Teacher

Debbie Richards Tanzania Class Teacher

Shane Donovan Ivory Coast Class Teacher

Carolyn Atkins Egypt Class Teacher

Wayne Norris The Gambia Class Teacher

Monika Dyga Senegal Class Teacher

Karen Hacker Madagascar Class Teacher

Andy Atkinson Mauritius Class Teacher

Ana Job Seychelles Class Teacher

Vivian Smith Italy Class Teacher

Lisa Clutterbuck Spain Class Teacher

Casey Fletcher Sweden Class Teacher

Julie Howell United Kingdom Class Teacher

Paisley O’Sullivan Ireland Class Teacher

Donna Wickens Canada Class Teacher

Sharon Murray Cape Verde Class Teacher

Paul Woods

Paul Woods Botswana Class Teacher

Chrystele Perrier Kenya Class Teacher

Craig Rankin St Lucia Class Teacher

Angela O’gorman France Class Teacher

Jennifer Parker Belize Class Teacher

Kerry Robinson Austria Class Teacher

Nicola Thomson Antigua Class Teacher