How We’re Doing/Data

We like to report on how well we are doing and inform all stakeholders. The Kent Association of Special Schools (KASS) data group formulated an algorithm to be used as a starting point to benchmark expected rates of progress for pupils with KASS school for all National Curriculum subjects.

We also recognise the need for summative assessment in school to ensure we can monitor the performance of pupil cohorts. Some specialist classes require bespoke assessment such as; MAPP, Routes for Learning, ABLLS and Impacts. We will be reporting as The Beacon progresses.

In September 2016 two schools, Highview and Foxwood, merger into one, The Beacon Folkestone. This resulted in both sets of data merging at the same time as National Curriculum levels were becoming obsolete and a new tracking system was introduced.  This combination has resulted in data that does not reflect our usual performance, we are looking forward to the next data drop when we are confident that using all the criteria and tools we will be making our usual rates of progress.

  • New assessment system Pupil Asset being used for foundation subjects. We tracked back to the b2 data at the end of pupils’ previous key stage and used this as a starting point for target setting
  • Data from B Squared which has been converted onto pupil asset for foundation subjects, the transfer level is not exact, but best fit.
  • Pupil Asset are assessing against the new curriculum with higher expectations, which is harder to embed and for pupils to master.

The Beacon Data

The Beacon Folkestone Data for the year 2017-2018 shows that in English at KS1+2 89% and at KS3+4 86% are on track to make expected or better progress. For Maths at KS1+2 96% and at KS3+4 81% made expected or better progress.

Data for all subjects at KS1+2 is 91% and as KS3+4 is 86%.

KS5 data for June 2018 shows that 96% of students were ‘making expected progress or better’ in vocational subject areas with 90% of students ‘making expected progress or better’ in Functional Skills.


Understanding how we measure current levels and progress

We hope the two documents below will help you understand how we measure the current working levels and progress of our pupils. We hope these documents also help you understand data below and the data in the Data Archive.

Annual Data 2018