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Pupil Premium 2017-2018

Please see our latest plan below.

Amount of Pupil Premium funding received for 2017-18. This is the April 2018 Review.

Summary Information
School The Beacon, Folkestone Type of SEN (e.g. PMLD/SLD/MLD etc.) PMLD/SLD/MLD/ASD


Academic Year 2017-18 Total PP budget £139,765 Date of most recent PP Review April 2018
Total number of pupils 267 Number of pupils eligible for PP 139 Date for next internal review of this strategy August 2018


FSM – Primary School Pupils (£1,320 per child) £66,000 39.6% of Primary Pupils
FSM – Secondary School Pupils (£935 per child) £55,165 41.84 % of Secondary Pupils
Service Children (£300 per pupil) £1,500 1.88% of the school population Yr R to Yr 11
Post LAC Pupil (£7,900 per pupil) £17,100 3.37% of the school population Yr R to Yr 11


Identified barriers to educational achievement

The Beacon has identified the following as barriers for some of the pupils currently in receipt of Pupil Premium:

  • Access to equipment
  • Extending the most able
  • Access to language and communication
  • Access to curriculum and readiness to learn
  • Life Skills and peer expectations
  • Social and Emotional understanding and resilience
  • Access to extra-curricular activities – educational experiences such as trips, after school clubs, music lessons and participation in physical activities
  • Parental engagement with school – especially regarding attendance and access to information and training
  • Behaviour – pupils with specific social and emotional needs which affect their learning


Key expenditure – how the allocation will be spent for 2017-2018


Area of spend Focus Intended outcomes – why these approaches were taken Total allocation
Two Dedicated Full time PP HLTA for English and Maths Curriculum Consolidation of learning completed in classes – time for practise and application of skills improve learning outcomes in reading, writing and maths £40,558
4 x One to One TA Support (ABA etc.) Curriculum To provide 1:1 support for Access to Personalised curriculum £37,806
HLTA Intervention Social, Emotional and Mental Health Behaviour and Social Skills Employment of full time HLTA £2,325
Reading for Pleasure and Reading Scheme books Curriculum Resourcing and developing reading skills – to raise standards in reading £5,932
Music appreciation Curriculum To provide opportunities for pupils to see live performances £1,000
Play Therapy Social and Life skills To provide dedicated time and support (1:1 and group) to help build pupils emotional development £5,193
After School Clubs Social and Life skills Participate in a range of clubs provided by the school or external providers to increase social inclusion £11,020
Transport  Parental support Participation in community life to either attend clubs or meetings £500
Enrichment visits and activities Curriculum Pupils are able to participate fully in school trips and residential trips. Learning is supported by trips that are carefully planned to enhance the school’s curriculum. Social skills, independence, perseverance and team-work are developed through participation in group activities and overnight stays on residentials. £6,875
Social Use of Language intervention – HLTA Life and Social Skills To support social and emotional understanding closing gaps in understanding £5,774
Social Skills -HLTA Behaviour/life and social skills Social skills are developed through participation in set criteria £5,774
Personal independence programme – HLTA Life skills To support pupils become more independent and self sufficient £4,383
Additional learning and communications resources (Kindles, spell-checkers, iPads) Pupils enjoy using resources such as iPads to complete games/tasks that consolidate learning. A range of learning styles can be catered for.   Teachers and TAs made aware of apps available to support different areas of need (i.e. spelling, memory, times tables) £1,500
Parent workshops run by MAST To support regular communication between parents and School focusing on individual pupils’ needs, pre-teaching materials, learning to consolidate, sharing of resources. £500
Head of School x 38 teachers three hours. Curriculum HT meet with pupil premium tutor and teachers at each milestone (Nov, Feb, Apr, Jul) for pupil progress meetings – discussion regarding individual pupils including those in receipt of PP and how booster sessions could improve outcomes. Data analysis at each milestone to identify pupils whose progress is causing concern and to review successes £5,640
Funding for extracurricular music lessons/clubs Curriculum Talent, skills and efforts in non-academic subjects are celebrated and develop self-confidence £360
Funding for before school ‘breakfast club’ Social Skills To improve the self-esteem, social skills and behaviour of identified pupils leading to increased confidence and attainment in the classroom. To ensure children are ready to learn. (16) places £3,625
Counselling Emotional Well Being Sessions offered – I pupil £1,000
Total budget £139,765
Allocated £139,765


How will the school measure the impact of the Pupil Premium?

At The Beacon School, the usual cycle of data collection and the monitoring and tracking of the cohort’s attainment, will be used to inform pupil progress and enable the early identification of need, support and appropriate intervention. Review meetings will take place every two terms and will include a member of Senior Management and the class teachers.

At each milestone, the school will review the impact of actions taken and will plan for how the funding will be specifically allocated over the next phase. When selecting pupils for Pupil Premium target groups, the school will look at all pupils across the school. There are some pupils who are not eligible for PP who will benefit from these groups if their needs are similar and we believe progress can be made towards individual targets.

Pupil Premium Funding and the impact of this is a regular item on the governors’ School Improvement and Resources committees.

Pupil Premium- Historic Data

Below you will find all our past data for Pupil Premium. Please take a look around.

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Soft play in Zone 1
A pupil enjoys a lesson in the soft play area of Zone 1

Governors allocate pupil premium funding in the best interests of the pupils concerned. Consequently, these pupils make excellent progress from their starting points.

Ofsted 2014
A session in the pool
A pupil enjoys a swimming session in the Zone 2 pool
A student on work experience
A student on work experience in the Café

Year 7 Catch Up Funding

The Department for Education (DfE) has made available additional funds for improving the attainment of pupils in Year 7 who may be at risk of underachieving. This is known as the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium. The funds are primarily aimed at improving Maths and English levels.

Please see our summary and impact reports.