Club, lunch and break arrangements

Many of you have asked just how the logistics of times such as lunch will operate in such a large provision – and still maintain the right learning and social environments for our young people.

Lunch will consistent of two sittings 11:35 to 12:25 for primary and 12:35 to 13:15 for secondary. We appreciate that this will be a significant change for some of our young people but we believe that with the right staffing and structures, this will give our children and young people the opportunity to eat their lunch in a calm and positive social environment with their peers.

We don’t want this to cause a disruption to any child’s progress and will continue to work closely with parents of any young person who is finding this too great a challenge in an attempt to personalise their provision.

The necessary break and snack times will be timetabled into the school day as they are now and we have five social spaces our youngsters can access.

The sensory garden, two playgrounds, a grassed area and the play equipment area. The adventure playground equipment, Gamelan garden and sunken trampoline are a few of the playground opportunities available for those wishing to access them.

Clubs/extended provision

We will continue the provision that is currently available and this will be led by Assistant Head Mrs Winter with appointed staff leading activities. Lunch time activities will be available for children and young people both on the playground and inside the buildings.

Our current list of extended school activities is as follows:


  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Hockey


  • Boxing
  • Film
  • Soft Play
  • Cricket


  • Mini Movers
  • Tennis
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Dance Club
  • Tag Rugby
  • Knitting


  • Football Senior
  • Football Junior
  • Singing
  • Maths
  • Youth Club
  • Senior Arts and Crafts


  • Multi Sports
  • Hair and Nails
  • Junior Arts and Crafts